Liberate, celebrate, and reconcile in relations

Can I reconcile with myself, with my body, my murmurs, disappointments, and progress? Am I at peace with myself, my loved ones, my friends, and my surroundings? To reconcile is to acknowledge sorrow, polish the pain, and restore the value. I can actively contribute to reconciliation so that life cleanses and flows cleanly. To reconcile and radiate peace is to create well-being for all.

We carry people in our hearts and wish for the rest of our lives.
To allow freedom is to celebrate the commitments, a gesture of love,
so that both persons experience the love and freedom.

For people who are in a process of change, who struggle with “letting go”, insight into Giving Each other  Freedom to live is a breath of fresh air, where “letting go” leaves you empty-handed, where giving freedom gives a sense of one’s own choice and value.”, Anneke Wittermans tells fascinating and clear how a person can do that.

To Liberate, Release, Reconcile, Pardon and Recode and Celebrate relation with people and precious belongings to which we are attached and need to free ourselves.  

Everyone is sometimes faced with a situation in which a commitment takes on a different character or is broken. Children move out, relationships change, people divorce, people may be faced with an incurable disease, or loved ones pass away.
We cannot simply ‘let go’ of loved ones, and neither can long-cherished wishes. They nourish and inspire us, even when it hurts. The need to liberate the interconnection takes place in all age phases. Release and reconciliation will be a tool for anyone who loves life and people.


To Liberate

Precious are the threads
that connects me to you
Spun in love,
woven with care,
they belong to me and you

The connection is formed in the moments
where we meet in resistance,
melted in friction,
really find each other

I recognize the value
Thread for thread
I am developing the bond,
nurture care and love,
which the threads carry
I recognize the bond,

Separate the union,
wish you and me the best,
give and take space
to go my own way

I cut the knot
What I can’t grasp
that belongs to you,
and goes with you

Only what is mine
stays with me and faithful
What you will mean
I carry in my heart
like a ring of value

I set you free To go
where you are called

Anneke Wittermans 2006

My star child