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Ode to the last of the female lineage
The last daughters of the women’s line, who, apparently modestly and with invisible motives, create a unique life, pioneer, deepen, and excel.
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Nehalennia, Lady of Schouwen
Nehalennia, the Roman-Gallic goddess, has as a votive altar image, the rudder in her hand and sometimes a foot on a ship. She controls her compass and is autonomous. Her vision and perception, registration, and right discernment give Nehalennia the authority to be captain of the vessel. It is a woman at the wheel who ensures a safe passage. It charts a course that is beneficial to the whole. [Read more]
Chariklo In a phase of life where diminishing abilities urge me to live with gratitude, Chariklo is inspiring me. She is an expert in transformation, she gracefully endures discomfort, remains in her refinement and she has the ability to carry her inner space (Holding Space). (Chariklo is an asteroid, discovered in 1997, she is the partner of Chiron, a Greek myth) [Read more ] [Chariklo as Nymphe article]
Lady of the moon, water, the mysteries of the night, of the unseen worlds, and passing away. She carries a golden bowl in which she carries lost souls into the light. She guides star children to their destination. [Read more]
Liberate, celebrate, and reconcile in relations
Can I reconcile with myself, with my body, my murmurs, disappointments, and progress? Am I at peace with myself, my loved ones, my friends, and my surroundings? To reconcile is to acknowledge sorrow, polish the pain, and restore the value. I can actively contribute to reconciliation so that life cleanses and flows cleanly. To reconcile and radiate peace is to create well-being for all.
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Flirten, how can I do it, and what then?
Flirting is a vitamin boost that we feed each other with and let it shine. At the same time, it requires guaranteeing each other’s clean space in which we can flourish safely. Just when I dare to indicate boundaries, this is a sign that… .[Read more]
Mammae, the nourishing principle
In the Neolithic, women are showing heart power. They radiate peace. The bosom instills in me a good mood, congruent with the heart. The nipples are sensitive sensors, aware of where there is well-being. The nipples show the stillness of the Milky Way, in refined opulence of well-being, fuelled by moments of consent. The nipples soothe, they bring comfort. [Read more]
Ancestors Whisper – Foremothers speak
We look at our foremothers, the female line from which we descend, remember the names, qualities, and successes, and realize that we exist because they survived. We examine the Neolithic age of burial mounds, Tumulus, here in Europe or extraordinary matriarchal partnership societies in the Mediterranean area. The figurines remind us of the forgotten women’s heritage, where the knowledge of 2000 years of peace lives. [Read more ]
Chronicles of the Forgotten Women’s Heritage
Reappropriating women’s values ​​in this turning time. I immerse myself in the wisdom of the Neolithic, as well as in the new knowledge of the Astroids (Centauren, Kuiper Belt Objects: Chariklo, Cheiron, Haumea, Varda, Sedna, Quaoar, and other messengers of the new time to come ). [Read more]
Men’s Dance and to stand up and stand for quality
The Call of Innana: Sensuality and Sexuality
Secret Lover but not surreptitious
Have I fallen for someone who isn’t single? Does the other want to drink from my zest for life, do I want to drink from love and desire? Realize that I make space and bring light, that I am sparkling and carrier of zest for life and zest for life. In addition, I insist that the other love partner knows about my existence and also has the choice to come into her own in this situation. [Read more…}
Bijen zijn essentieel voor de natuur. Zij zorgen dat bijvoorbeeld fruitbomen bevrucht worden en vrucht gaan dragen. Zonder de bijen zullen veel gewassen uitsterven…[lees verder]
Goose makes a clear sound  
This is my boundary
Holding space is a serious issue

As a dance teacher, I teach 8-year-old girls the goose dance at schools.
Gak gak, here is my boundary, we then sing, rhythmically indicating our border. I sincerely hope that those girls in all kinds of situations in which they come, still remember this text. (read more)