Ode to the last of the female lineage

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Eternal is the line of foremothers
unbroken, incomplete
mother to mother
daughter to daughter
she carries the wisdom and faults of generations
within her living water
And you, last of the line
ready for fire and flame
bringing light, refining light
longing to purify the tribe
resisting nature for a better world
I am grateful for your endeavor
And honor your sometimes lonely task.
Anneke Wittermans 2008

The Last Bearer of the Female Family Chain
You never understood why you weren’t blessed with any children of your own, but there you are alone at the end of the maternal line. In reading The Ode to the Last of the female lineage you will find insight and encouragement for the exceptional position you find yourself in if you haven’t brought any children into the world. You will also come to realize, on your impulse, hangs the future, and you can be an innovator in society, free from your own interest or economic gain.

Intro: Who is the last bearer of the female chain?

Everyone has a long lineage of female ancestors that leads back to the first woman. In general, we speak about forefathers, but we are never sure we are conceived by the seed of the men whose name we carry. Women who didn’t receive their own children are the last of their mother’s lineage, the last branch of the family tree. When a woman only gives birth to sons, she is also the last female of this family tree. Men are always the last of their mother’s lineage. All his children are connected with the female family tree of his wife.

You can choose what you radiate

When you are the last of the female lineage it is up to you to find a way to filter out of the family
tree what belongs to you. Your (fore) mothers gave birth to you and to some of your motives.
Now you can choose what you want to pass on via light or air. This is your unique gift, your pearl that you can bring into the world as a contribution to the well-being of the future.

There you are, being the last of the female lineage

It is possible that not having children weighs heavy on a woman. It’s a burden for her. The expectations and ideas about motherhood of her own and from others can put her under unspoken pressure. But she is right there, standing in the middle of the breaking waves of all the inherited
information that she has to transform. That is because she will not transfer it directly via the
womb and water to children but by way of air or light as the last branch of the family tree.

Now is the time to acknowledge these women for their specific values and their importance in
society. They often feel the urge to live meaningfully. They strive without counting the
cost. They set their sights high. The last of the female lineage is ‘a special job’ that considers
different standards.

Saying no to having children and allowing yourself to mourn for the never-arrived descendants The decision not to put children in this world because of the feeling of not being able to offer the child enough, lies underneath the surface and makes the mourning invisible for the people around them. Saying: “No, I don’t want children,” is not freeing you from the mourning of not achieving motherhood and grandmotherhood.

Administration of the estate
Our grandmothers and mothers did not have the choice whether or not to have children; they came ‘naturally’. They could not realize the callings of their talents and gifts, because they were occupied by the bringing up of several children. Nowadays there are a lot of women who finally find themselves in the opportunity to carry out the potency of the family tree. They are free from childbearing and have time and space to excel in their capabilities. They are aware of the fact that they do not have children to whom they can bequeath their unattainable desires.

Cleaning the family tree
We often don’t realize if the family has an unfortunate history, or if there is a hereditary illness. A woman can choose consciously not to pass this on to the next generation. In deciding so, she can ensure the quality of life for their offspring. In ‘Cleaning up the Line’ she refuses to pass things on uncritically to the next generation. By doing so, they take on a responsible task and sometimes suffer under the weight, while the other sisters and brothers are not concerned at all. Realize that if you are the one who chose to clean up, they even don’t notice that they all benefit from your therapy and training to solve what has been passed before. Fortunately, we live in a time where we can work out our heritage and learn to endure or have clemency to the unfortunate aspects of the family.

If you are the last of the female lineage, you do not need to resolve everything or forgive what has happened before. Grant pardon to yourself and the ancestors for the things that can’t be resolved, but have taken place. Allow yourselves time to recover, you have permission to withdraw, to cherish your own well-being. A well-maintained network of support is a priority. The safety net will catch you when you fall back.

Realize what you can do
You can’t respond to all the wishes and desires of
the ancestors. Thousands of ancestors are too many to answer. Take out only that of the foremother’s stream, what really fits, like the thymus accepts only the viruses which you allow to develop. The only necessity is to focus on what really belongs to your life right now. And know that you might be alone but not the only one. If you are the last of the female lineage, you do not need to solve it all by yourself. Many women are in the same position. Form a network of support and find a solid approach together.

Transmission via radiation
When you are aware that you are the last one of your mother’s line, it urges you to be essential. You are called to give expression to that which has been built in this female family tree throughout eons. You wish to refine the end. Now the stream comes to the shore, and the waves break powerfully, because of the resistance to the finish. There you are; perchance you will find the power to resist and stand up. To represent this quality not only in action but in being. These women have nothing to lose and invest selflessly in a better world to come.

© Anneke Wittermans