Mammae, the nourishing principle

Mammae, nipples of fine taste, bring the awareness back to both man and woman, that their sensitive nipples have multiple functions and bring dimensions of peace to the heart.
The nipples and breasts are specific to the refined sensors of well-being and peace, connected with the heart, the timekeeper of the permission to live on earth.

Magic of breast milk; nourishing living cells

On earth, newborns are equipped with basic nutrition. In mammals, this is the mother’s milk. Milk is the only living cell food and has a completely specific mineral content tailored to what the infant needs. All mammals know where to find their nipples immediately after birth, and sucking on the nipples has a direct effect on the recovery of the uterus. Both child and mother thrive in well-being, in the oxytocin, united in merging, they strengthen the connection with each other and the ancestors.

The woman carries divine living food in her breasts.

Figurines of the Neolithic time preserving gestures of peace

The civilizations of Crete, the Minoan period, Malta, Çatal Höyük, and Hacilar had a rich artistic period of 2000 years. During that period there were no traces of violence. High-quality art expressions are visible in miniatures, seals, gold jewelry, and pottery, which show elegant shapes. There was peace and prosperity. There was time to refine crafts.

The first figurines that awakened me to the value of being a woman were the figurines of Çatal Höyük and Hacilar in 1976. These figurines, the female statues in these Neolithic civilizations radiate peace with one or two hands on their bosom. These hand-sized figurines on display at the Ankara Museum fascinate me. They activate a body awareness in me, show and tell me about a culture that has known peace for over 2000 years. These figurines preserve gestures of peace, they tell about the wisdom of the Neolithic age (TaurusAge.) The power and refinement of these statues move me and tell me how I can carry my bosom and self-esteem. A civilization and wisdom from 5000 years ago about being a woman that now shows its meaning, how we can radiate peace and refinement. Also in Neolithic times, there are images of Hathor and Isis from Egypt, including numerous images of goddesses feeding.

Hacilar Neolithic Turkey

The figurines of Çatal Höyük and Hacilar mark a turning point in my life. I left university where I studied architecture and started a career as a dance teacher. This reconciliatory silence of womanhood, which these figurines show, activates body wisdom in me. I want to reveal the inner wisdom and skills of being a woman. I want to explore, experience, share, and express this in dance.


Eternal desire
for a moment of peace,
open the Mammae me deep
in the mere of love

From afar nipples  call me,
they tell the tales of the universe
They nurse wellbeing
and bring satisfaction

Areola fountain spray
Star Blue mothers milk
leads me to my origin,
the entry to the galaxy

The world in me dies

I immerse in silence,
taste the firmament

Heaven appears in magic

Nipples still the desire
in a bed of value
A warm bosom fulfills
my feelings of belonging

Mamma and Mammae
The fine magic of all days
Ancestor temple of unity
hear her whisper Anneke 2010

Suzan van der Voort sings the song Abide

The bosom area can provide comfort and peace.
The bosom is a sacred space where we can radiate peace.

Mammae, the nourishing principle

Mammae, the nourishing principle dance project was created in 2010. After my friend heard that she had to undergo breast surgery, she asked me to retell all my knowledge about the breasts, nipples, and bosom. After the operation, she wanted to carry the energetic meaning of the bosom with her. Her request to tell all the puzzle pieces about the bosom and to shape these frequencies in the dance resulted in a joint dance project about the Mammae. She wants to remember the frequencies that belong to the bosom and learn to carry them again.

When an intervention needs to take place and we are allowed to continue with a scar,
we will rediscover how we can relate to the atrial area.

Dances to restore radiation from the breasts

Together we have developed existing and new dances to re-member or re-member the meaning and natural appearance of the bosom. How can we reunite and once again bring peace, comfort, and well-being back into the antechamber of the heart?

Reproduction no longer comes naturally, with reproductive organs and diseases. 

Breast, uterine, ovarian, prostate, and testicular cancer seem to be humanity’s collective cries for help. These organs serve to set growth in motion, to maintain the breed. It is striking that these organs, which are naturally ready to reproduce – respond promptly to the hormone oxytocin, the happiness hormone.

Development of breasts during puberty

As a girl you may feel insecure when the breasts start to grow. Maturing the body, preparing to discover sensuality. The beauty of a bosom, the ripening of the house of solace and comfort is being initiated into peace and love. The bosom teaches us to soften, be at peace and disarm. We do not receive this initiation into the bosom as an antechamber of the heart in our culture. Rather, this change is experienced as a kind of precursor to losing the ‘innocence of a child’ to becoming an adult woman with all kinds of ‘temptations’ and ‘dangers’. I would like to bring us girls and women back to the deeper meaning of the bosom and the ability to be at peace with your own body and curves.

 To have X factor is to be in dialogue with the universe.

The body is made up of substances and frequencies that occur in the Universe.
When we are aware that the body radiates from within, we recognize the universe of body and limb, we are connected to the universe from which we come. When we are ashamed of a part of our body and it does not meet our approval, we simultaneously reject the corresponding frequencies of the Universe. That part is then not fed with star welfare.

We women are often not satisfied with the way our breasts look. Do we still radiate well-being and satisfaction? A man automatically looks at breasts, this is good for his heart and circulation. His eyes resting for a moment is healing. Every nipple is heavenly. When we can be content with how we were created, we radiate peace. It is an art and worth practicing, to keep our spirits or sweets table satisfied.

Question: What do the breasts, nipples, and bosom mean to you?

Breastfeeding an initiation

As long as I dance, I tell people that as a child I heard the word Tepel (which is a nipple in Dutch), as a temple. The bosom, the breasts, and the nipples an areas in men and women where peace dwells, where we find comfort and love. A temple of peace carries a man in the bosom area. Nipples are sensitive sensors that are aware of where well-being is. They register peace in the heart. They inspire us with the right spirit. Nipples show the silence of the Milky Way, the way home, they satisfy the desire for more.

We dance for the cows and discover the meaning of the breasts and their relationship with the Galaxies. The nipples connect us with the blue silent veil of Maria Lactans, or with the blue glow of a nourishing woman. The audible silent resonance that arises after some Mammae dances reminds me of the blue mood when I was breastfeeding my daughter. In my sensation and the dance, nipples and breast milk connect us to our ancestors. The wisdom of indigenous people: they place their ancestors in the Galaxies. That mystical blue silence of peace and comfort belonging to the bosom takes me into a deeper silent layer in which the foremothers whisper.

Suzan van der Voort sings MilkyWay and Grandmothers eyes

Mysteries of the bosom. Breasts are peace-bringing.
Magic of heart, eyes, and nipples. Breastfeeding and the attachment proposition of oxytocin.

What do nipples mean to the man? What do breasts mean to a woman? The breasts and nipples of men and women are sensitive and sensual. Breasts are the front chamber of the heart. We can be disarming, if we bear our nipples and bosom in peace. The refinement and peace that nipples radiate are a sight to behold. If humans regularly allow themselves to enjoy this refinement and the peace the nipples can radiate, it makes a significant difference in cardiovascular disease. Knowing more?

Anneke Wittermans dances and shows how the bosom is the antechamber of the heart. A lust and must for men and women to have body awareness. Breasts are not a guilty pleasure but a sacred place of refinement.

Figurine of Çatal Höyük

Question: what is the meaning of breast for you?

The nipple is the court of the foremothers

It is a challenge to live and move in my physical body. It is an even greater journey of discovery to identify with the energetic world in and around me.

We are born without instructions for use and live in a body with countless functions and possibilities. We learn by trial and error to use, handle, and incorporate a small part of this ability.
Not everyone feels at home or happy in the earthly body. While super athletes discover the finest controls, others identify with the body with much more effort. They also discover much less control or can’t count on it as part of their ability.

A new age, new millennia, and other abilities are waiting for us to discover. Just as the discoveries of asteroids they dwell unseen to the naked eye in the world beyond Saturn. They introduce us to other abilities which are ever-present in the blueprint of humanity. It begs us to believe that new abilities are ripe for us to add to our arsenal. So are the breasts, they can radiate peace into the world.

 Hacilar Figurines (Turkey)

Oimelc Imbolc: A great moment to write about the mystery of the nipples, breasts, oxytocin, and the importance of breast milk.

The Celtic entry ritual of the mother goddess on earth is on February 1 or 2. This bears the name Oimelc meaning ewe milk, which means fresh milk. The name Imbolc is also used, which means “in the belly” (imbolc) in Irish and refers to the ewes being pregnant. It is also a Celtic term for spring. Afterwards, Imbolc was Christianized and was then called Candlemas, a Christian festival celebrated on February 2. (It is the commemoration of the dedication or presentation of the Lord in the temple, where Jesus, like every firstborn Jewish boy, was dedicated to God after 40 days.)

The bosom is the antechamber of the heart.

With the dancing I experience when we activate the bosom and nipples, the nipples begin to twinkle, attracting and radiating refinement. As soon as the twinkle from the nipples wakes up, the eyes start to shine. This initiates a natural vibrant flow that softens and refines us. I realize that this ancient knowledge is important. May we reclaim the bosom, and discover and recognize the body in its refined frequencies.