Chariklo, Nymph and Centaur, womanhood and transformation

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Chariklo MIdwife of New Times

Chariklo Spinning Grace, Holding Space, and Endurance.
a refreshing vision of refined women’s abilities. Chariklo carries her inner space, she endures and uplifts.

1. Chariklo: womanhood and transformation processes

2. Chariklo, midwife of the Aquarius age

In a phase of life where diminishing abilities encourage me to live with pleasures, Chariklo is inspiring. She is an expert in transformation, she elegantly endures discomfort (Endurance), remains in her refinement, and can carry her inner space (Holding Space). With her healing sounds she creates a harmonizing space of refined chords.

 Love’s story of Chariklo and Chiron

Chariklo, as a nymph, is one with the water. She knows the ripples and the frequencies of the currents, she is one with the water. She knows that she is so one with the water that mortals will not see her. Her eye falls on a young, beautiful Centaur, who is looking at the water. His name is Chiron and he is a castaway son of the gods. She immediately falls in love. Chariklo thinks she is invisible while she is hiding, no mortal has ever noticed her before. But this beautiful, noble Centaur knows the fine vibrations and nuances of the water. His mother was Philyra, her name means love of sounds and fine vibrations. He knows the extraordinary frequencies of beautiful beings and recognizes Chariklo. This makes Chariklo eager to meet him and she is willing to exchange her nymph’s existence for an existence at his side. She turns into a Centaur to unite with him.

Chariklo, Spinning Grace. Holding Space and Endurance

Chariklo’s Transformation

Water, liquid, healing,

seducing, softening,
melting, polishing clean.

Unseen waiting ……
Until the moment I arise……..
I will be waiting
till my life takes wings

When I am seen                                        
and life touches me
with an arrow of light                               
I go for it
to unfold the promise of my existence

I liberate from the ordinary
out of my habits, I break
in a sheltered field, I linger
 In tune, I will be
with the beat of my heart

Anneke Wittermans 10-1-2020
Suzan van der Voort Song

 Chariklo’s Transformation

      from a Nymph to a Dragonfly or Transfiguration to a Centaur

In the animal world, when a nymph goes into transformation, to enter an adult form, it is very important to find a safe place to allow the softening process to happen. All creatures with an external skeleton cannot grow within their armor. They must dissolve and melt, to soften the external skeleton. Lobsters have this too. This is a very sensitive period in which the nymph is vulnerable to predators. (In the ram era, including the Greek and Roman era, the stories from mythology tell about men and gods who hunt nymphs.)  

Chariklo as a nymph can hide, be silent, to make her appearance invisible, to be able to grow into an adult woman. Then, once she has visualized her blueprint, she can evolve into a dragonfly.


Silent waters
wandering eyes
in unsuspecting magic rings
transports miracles
I may be aware of a new trail

Anneke Wittermans 14-1-2024

    On the way to a new time, new paradigms

It is also important for us as people in transition that I allow myself to turn inwards to introspect, to soften in previous positions, to resolve previous standpoints, and to visualize a blueprint from within. Visualizing who I want to be before I unfold and step into a new reality. This process of transformation is happening now, as we spin in another part of the universe. Chariklo is now in Aquarius and she teaches us to transform.

    Tender so tender, Chariklo

 tender so tender
I have the courage
and time
to surrender
what was
I leave behind

In sacred space, I abide
the stars strengthen me
in the interchange
tender waits hidden
I leave my habits behind

I endure my time
until I am awake
in my completion
it will be gratifying

I am prepared to alter

Anneke Wittermans  12-1-2020
Suzan van der Voort 28-3-2021 Song on Youtupe

    Chariklo a nymph from Greek Mythology

Chariklo is the partner of Chiron, they live freely and wildly together with the Centaurs. The Centaurs are rebels, outcasts in Greek mythology, living on Mount Pelion far away from habitable places. The Centaurs are riotous, have freed themselves from the established order, take unusual paths, and as outcasts, they live differently than the average.

Chariklo and Chiron themselves have noble qualities as children of gods. Chiron is a son of Chronos (father of Time) and the nymph Philyra (love of sound and music). Chiron is rejected by his mother Philyra, because of his half-horse, half-man appearance, and he is raised by Apollo and Athena. Chariklo is probably a daughter of Apollo (Perses or Oceanus). Chariclo and Chiron have 4 children together: Hippe, Endeis, Ocyrhoe, and Carystus.

    Chariklo in Aquarius

Chariklo and Chiron are centaurs. Scum and exiles. They educate the children of the gods to turn what previously seemed to be a defect into a talent. Talent to include exiles or strange birds beyond one’s field, to sharpen one’s thinking skills. Chariklo introduces you to worlds beyond the ordinary. She encourages people to look beyond the edges of the current social structure. 

Chiron and Chariklo as foster parents

The nymph Chariklo- Suzan van der Voort 2021

Chiron and Chariklo are foster parents of several demigod children and teach them how to turn their flaws into a virtue. Despite the wild nature, the seclusion, and the company of the rugged Centaurs, Chariklo remains true to her sacred space, intuition, refinement, and love. There are many stories about Chiron. Remarkably little has been written about Chariklo, who, with her refined, silent, coherent ability in a patriarchal society, relates to other dimensions. She represents different interests and lives with different paradigms. It is worth delving into her talents. This gives a new view on being a woman now.

Chariklo, together with her mother-in-law Philyra, takes the Oceanid, Achillus under their wings. Chariklo lives with Chiron who is immortal and has an incurable wound, accidentally received by an arrow from Hermes. According to the astrologers, Chariklo will have to have extraordinary talents to assist Chiron. Her talents are to endure, refine, reconcile, recode, assist, make music, herbal medicine, educate, take care and cure, love unconditionally, and other higher nurturing qualities.

What are my ‘flaws’? What am I lacking in? From what experience and compassion have I been able to develop a talent? Time to search the corners of my consciousness and track down my exiles. Getting to know these again, who knows, those talents can now open other paths for me and others. The ability to have compassion for the world around me is only possible if I can mentally maintain a sense of self-worth.

Freeing latent talents from their previously condemned position.

Latent talents melt into the common good

I make you a witness
of my inner world
where latent talents are waiting to dislock
 I want to melt,
so that my gift becomes common,
usable for NOW
With the light from the stars

I weave talents in my field.

Latent talents are allowed to roll
and explore their abilities.

I want to play universally,
with clearly marked coordinates
to keep my field in order

Who will I be,
if I increase my space, my room?
Let light shine upon me
Can I hear my authentic voice

To celebrate existence
A sacred space
where the best awaits me
to overcome.

Anneke Wittermans 28-8-2020
Suzan van der Voort Sings

    Initiations of Chariklo

Chariklo has a benevolent and gracious character. She has unique perceptual skills. As the daughter of Apollo, she knows medicine and healing sounds. She masters the specific ability of harmonies. As a companion of Chiron, she adopts the gods’ children and teaches them. Chariklo can build a sacred temple with her outer rings. These outer rings show how we can protect ourselves. Outer rings guard us so that we can look within and heal ourselves. She initiates us to liberate the exceptional capabilities within it and to produce who we are as a unique human being. (The asteroid Chariklo 1997 has rings)

Chariklo wakes me up and makes me alert and aware. I immerse myself in her healing abilities and her fine-tuning. From her orbit and knowledge of the spaces between Saturn and Uranus, she brings information from the Age of Aquarius. She encourages the development of latent talents, she generates beautiful language and images. She encourages going outside her comfort zone.            

I invite you to discover Chariklo and activate these fine frequencies of womanhood. Perhaps together we can achieve greater intelligence to activate being a free-thinking, loving, autonomous, sovereign woman.


Chariklo and Chiron assisted me in reexamining what I previously rejected in myself and seeing if I could transform or recode it. That which never fit and felt uncomfortable now has a right to exist and needs to be revalued or change.

Chariklo-Spinning Grace teaches the ability to build an inner sacred temple that safeguards and protects. A space in which I review and respect my motives. Chariklo initiates to liberate the exceptional unique individual abilities. She awakens everyone’s unique talent. She understands the ability to change form and erase what has been done. This is the chance to change.

In transition, in the crossover, I cannot hold on to an external structure. The previous external skeleton breaks down and melts and during that period I am weak and vulnerable  Then I can rebuild from within into a new form that protects me.

With language, gestures, and thoughts we can make each other beautiful. It’s time to grow in those areas that have been denied before. Blossoming openly requires encouragement, warming, and recognition of previously held-back aspects. Chariklo invites you to create a new order in which people can fully emerge. Praise each other with language and gesture, so that we radiate from within and know that we are seen.

Chariklo provides instructions on how to develop in this complex time of transformation. It provides meaning and confidence, offers new paradigms, and prepares us for a new vision of life. These are subtle shifts placed on the inside with a big impact.

Chariklo in Transformation and Surrender

My being dwells
is circled in secrets
provides me with dreams
exceptional beings
to observe

My origin lies
in hidden sources
where knowledge lies dormant

My being wanders
in detours
always connected
to the source of life

My being swims like a fish
with its fish bones
aimed at destination

26-1-2021 Anneke Wittermans

Chiron (and Chariklo) are associated with new medical discoveries, inventions, and new technologies or conditions in the field of healthcare. They are often prominently placed in the horoscopes of people who hold key positions in such discoveries and of people involved in the healing arts.

In the training sessions and Zoom lectures around Chariklo, we delve into her talents and our latent talents. In this I learn to clean up my field, to be a refined woman, to endure, to tolerate, education in beautiful language, awareness of transformation processes, reconciliation, and coming to peace.

Chariklo offers me openings for coincidences, and serendipity (is a happy coincidence or an unplanned happy discovery). It allows new questions and knowledge to come in from an unexpected source.

Chariklo is an expert in transformation, she elegantly endures discomfort (Endurance), remains in her refinement, and can carry her inner space (Holding Space). With her healing sounds she creates a harmonizing space of refined chords (Spinning Grace).

Water being  Chariklo
I invite you
Come play with me
in the interspaces?
I stay at my source
close to my nourishment

welcome are you
to the paradise of pleasures

Flow with me,
Follow the water current
At the source, I recharge,  
In the refreshing splash of water
the world dissolves
                   in mystery

I invite you
drink from the source
flow with me in a play of light

Here we create peace
and  well-being

Anneke Wittermans 18-3-2022
Suzan van der Voort sings