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Chariklo Zoom meetings
Wednesday 20.00 PM the Netherlands 

I am learning about the recently discovered asteroids and realized that they provide information, means, and ways to touch the soul. They provide tools for reconciliation, recreating, regenerating, and compassion. Chariklo, among other asteroids, is dear to me because of her qualities such as enduring, reconciling, and Holding Space. Magical silent information about self-values ​​comes with Chariklo.

In a phase of life where diminishing abilities urge me to live with gratitude, Chariklo is inspiring me. She is an expert in transformation, she gracefully endures discomfort, remains in her refinement and she has the ability to carry her inner space Holding Space.(Chariklo is an asteroid, discovered in 1997, she is the partner of Chiron, a Greek myth) [Read more]

In these Zoom engagements, we travel together to connect to finer atmospheres.

Chariklo Spinning Grace-the art of transformation (English spoken) 

20 March          Chariklo teaches us to speak Clean
17 April             Chariklo Holding Space
15 May             Chariklo Poems and Songs
19 June             Chariklo Fine Tuning and Fine Frequencies
18 September  Chariklo Endure and Reconcile

The names of the asteroids tell us the stories to not get lost in these transition times – like the stories and dances of the aboriginal. These stories are of the indigenous gods like Quaoar, Haumea, and MakeMake. In these stories dancing and singing play an important role. Thanks to the astrologers who have opened this knowledge. 

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