Chariklo as Asteriode and Midwife of New Times

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Content: Who is Chariklo and what does she represent?
Chariklo, midwife of transformation processes
Aquarius time is a transformation period
Larger connections: our Solar System and Gaia are in transition
PhotonBelt we travel in the light for 2,000 years.
Chariklo, Spinning Grace brings me into a universal world of being a woman
Chariklo represents facets of women’s values ​​in the Age of Aquarius.

                         Chariklo, Spinning Grace. Holding Space and Endurance

Who is Chariklo and what does she represent?

Chariklo is an asteroid discovered in 1997. According to Greek myths, Chariklo is a water nymph and the consort of the Centaur Chiron. She changes from a water nymph to a Centaur – from water-air being to fire-earth.

As an asteroid in the sky, she is a Centaur that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Chariklo’s orbit, ie orbital period, is 62/63 years and she brings us new information about being a woman.

I would like to learn more from her, I am curious about her qualities such as her elegant endurance, or her ability to assist without losing her individuality.

 Chariklo, midwife of transformation processes

Chariklo is a midwife of the new era. Chariklo graciously helps us find a new twist. In 2020 she dances in the same place as Saturn and Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn and accompanies these planets in that year. In December 2019 I heard about Chariklo and I immediately felt attracted to her talents. Curious about Chariklo’s refined, elegant solutions, and her clear and engaging appearance, with which she merges opposites.

Chariklo is now halfway through her orbit of 62 years.

Discovered in Leo in 1997, she is now in Aquarius. Her orbit is elliptical shaped. She will now move further from the Earth, more towards the ring where Uranus is located. As we move outward in our solar system, our consciousness grows from the realm of Saturn to Uranus. Uranus rebels, freeing us from the conformity of the past and opening up new worlds of possibilities for us.

Chariklo enriches in us in Transition . She was close to Pluto 2018 and close to the Saturn / Pluto conjunction that took place in January 2020. Chariklo is a female centaur and the wife of Chiron in Greek mythology. She exists as a dwarf planet somewhere between Saturn and Uranus. She was discovered in 1997 and is a relative newcomer to the cosmic scene – at least as far as human consciousness is concerned.

In Aquarius, here Chariklo teaches us to unite, include, and co-create. She thinks unorthodox and can free us from previous beliefs. In her capacity to bear, she brings well-being, silence, tolerance, reconciliation, and love.


The firmament nourishes me
The Vault of Heaven shows its sounds
in conversation with the starry sky
I wrap myself in its mysteries

I reach out to grasp the light  
countless points of light await my eye
they want to strike me
my heart touch
to face my appearance 

my being only answers

if I embody  my earth (part)
when I become aware
of reflections of the stars
in my being (star chamber or lap)

Anneke Wittermans 24-1-2023

  Chariklo and Chiron as asteroids

Picture made by Suzan van der Voort who paints and sings

Chiron and Chariklo, their orbit in our solar system creates a link, a connection between the worlds of Saturn and Uranus. They travel from the old, established, reified, stoic realm of Saturn to the new, unconventional, dynamic, radical, electrically charged, spontaneous realm of Uranus. In the period 2020-2024, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto went from Capricorn to Aquarius. A harbinger of a new era.

This process is often with a lot of disruption, and when heavyweights like Pluto and Saturn are involved, much is at stake. We now know from 2020 that COVID-19 is a pandemic disease and issue and somehow the meaning of Chariklo can support us in the transition that is required for the human race.

Whenever a celestial body is discovered, it coincides with a previously unrealized aspect of human consciousness that is now ready to be integrated. Accordingly, the right conditions are presented in the world psyche, and on the world stage, for that to happen.

Anneke Wittermans Fear not, handle with care, repair and enriches

 Aquarius time asks for new ways of thinking
Thoughts are forces. Now that we are in the age of Aquarius, it is very important to clear my thoughts, images, and visions. I realize that now the thoughts can shine brightly and be influential. Whether I understand it or not, life is not linear, there are different points in time where a change will occur, where I can reinvent who I want to be. The questions here are: who am I as a person, as a loved one, as a partner, as a teacher/worker, as a sister/brother, as a (gift) mother/father or grandmother/grandfather? For all those positions it is a challenge to find out who and how I want to be. How do I keep my elegance, my beautiful attention, beautiful language, fine images, radiating the frequency of peace, loving and listening?

Chariklo initiates me into these skills. She reminds me of the highest sophistication I can imagine. She has been with me on many occasions over the years and fills me with her beautiful presence.

Accept transition Chariklo
previous solutions
are holding me
my fortress breaks
the wind has turned

in surrender, I stand,
experience other ways
a new form calls
it demands another wise

fine threads I weave
light I take with me
into the field
heavenly threads I weave in

a cocoon spins me
where I expand my soul
and bliss
and give it peace

I build a temple
where I develop
where I experience the future
I grow

I allow the transformation
in my new form
royal grand
there I am  

26-6-2023/5-2 Anneke Wittermans
Chariklo in Aquarius

 Chiron: gaining mastery over an incurable wound, a turning point in the horoscope

In 2007 when Chiron had its return in my birth chart, I painted a female Centaur. Chiron has an orbit around the sun, an orbit of about 50 years. I wanted to master pain processes and recode them into pearls. When I heard about Chariklo 12 years later, my female centaur gave her name Chariklo and her painting a prominent place. An image, a vision of Chariklo had already come to me 12 years earlier.

Larger connections: our Solar System and Gaia are in transition

In the Age of Aquarius, there is a special belt of light that we have entered. Every about 2,000 years we travel with our solar system in one of the constellations. In Neolithic times this was in Taurus, where agriculture was invented and the first cities enjoyed 2,000 years of peace. Then the matrilineal peace-loving settlements came to an end. The Age of Aries arrived with fierce men from the north, with a thunder god. They stole the princesses and took over the cities, and civilizations with competition and ownership. Then came the Age of Pisces with surrender to mystical religions such as Christianity and Islam. Unfortunately, property and rule continued to prevail. Now we live in the transition to Aquarius, a time where we learn to be equal as men and women. Aquarius, the water bearer, is a communicator, opens mysteries of water, electricity, and frequencies, and is unexpected, rebellious, and innovative.

Jump to a clean field

As I was born so I will leave
I will be naked,
stripped of unnecessary frills

 Differences I leave behind
 Diversity I celebrate

my temple, my crown
is reaching for new opportunities
Pure and alone

just to share the gift of life

I am prepared,
arrange my opportunities in the field.
I choose to be sovereign
and live in simplicity.
I celebrate my unique  leap
into a new playfield

Anneke Wittermans 11-12-2020
Suzan van der Voort Song

Our solar system revolves in an ellipse around Alycone, the largest star of the Pleiades, this is called the precession cycle, the ellipse with which the solar system itself moves through the universe. In the precession of 26,000 years, we have now arrived in Aquarius.

Our Solar system enters Aquarius an area of 2000 years of photons and light

Photon Belt: we travel in the light for 2,000 years.

In 26,000 years, our solar system itself revolves in an ellipse around the star Alycone. In the next 2,000 years, we will enter an area of ​​the universe with the Photon Belt. We will encounter this Photon Belt when our solar system moves into the sign of Aquarius or the sign of Leo (in 13,000 years). This means that our solar system will receive more light in the next 2,000 years and Gaia will also enter its transition. We need to grasp the light.

    Ionize and glow

photons in the Pleiade
belt of light and time
uplift Gaia in her nature

Alycone orients in light years
of mistletoe, message of light
uplifts me in my nature

I carry light in my cells
corresponding to the ancestors
mitochondria rays
enriches energy for the cells

they illuminate existence beyond time
carrying messages about genes
in sources of light I
look over me, hear far, and am aware

the photon belt is a beacon
radiates uplifting light
I take the mistletoe
in my hand
in my heart

place talents in the light
defying time I honor
clearly and faithfully
I integrate the universal light

into my steps and actions
I ionize and shine
towards the future

Anneke Wittermans Jan 9, 2024

 Chariklo, Spinning Grace brings me into a universal world of being a woman

December 29, 2019, I had just turned 62, I heard about the female centaur and asteroid Chariklo through Pam Gregory, an astrologer. Pluto and Saturn were conjunct 12-1-2020 at 24 degrees Capricorn. Two superpowers that, in an unpredictable confrontation, may have us in their grip (stagnation). Focus on Chariklo, the most refined, tolerant, enduring, yin woman essence was Pam’s Gregory advice. To remain intact in these turbulent and emerging transition years. Chariklo has an Orbit of 62/63 years. She now stood on the same level where she stood at my birth, her first return.

Chariklo immediately inspires me with her fine frequencies, music, and healing, in her guardianship of gods’ children, in her ability to see Chiron suffer as a husband and her influence in his mastery of his incurable wound.

Chariklo represents facets of women’s values ​​in the Age of Aquarius.

I am fascinated by women’s values, in which Chariklo represents a new aspect of being a woman in the Age of Aquarius. The Neolithic era brought me the ancient knowledge of proud women, those who radiate peace from their bosoms.

Nehalennia and Mary, the keeper, represent the watching and contemplation at the beginning of the Piscean Age. Chariklo teaches me to keep my space and endurance tools for the w

Talent to include exiles or eccentrics.

Adoption, fostering, and coaching Encourage Latent Talents
To foster Gods-children as Chariklo and Chiron do – To foster our Latent Talents, which we have banned to exile (to put out of the side) to take that talent back into custody and become master of these formerly neglected talents. Chariklo is a midwife in a new life

Chariklo encourages me to form societies, and clans together to provide a foundation for giving voice to new ideals.  Chariklo encourages the ability to have compassion for the world around me. It is now time to be able to look beyond the edges of my current social structure.

Chariklo and Chiron work with the subtle resonances of neurological communication that enable not only neurological functions but also medical and healing qualities and specifically technologies that contain subtle resonances.

Chariklo to see beyond. She encourages the ability to have compassion for the world around me.
It is now time to be able to look beyond the edges of my current social structure.

Chariklo encourages the ability to have compassion for the world around me.
It is now time to be able to look beyond the edges of my current social structure.

Chariklo is offering me an opening in Serendipity.

Chariklo guides how to proceed in these complex times. She provides meaning and confidence, offers new paradigms, and prepares me for a new view of life.

Chariklo wakes me up and makes me alert and aware.
I immerse myself in her healing abilities, her fine-tuning,
and her knowledge of the spaces between Saturn and Uranus.
She teaches me to go beyond habits.
She encourages me to develop latent talents,
she generates beautiful language and images.

Chariklo In a phase of life where diminishing abilities urge me to live with gratitude, Chariklo is inspiring me. She is an expert in transformation, she gracefully endures discomfort, remains in her refinement and she has the ability to carry her inner space (Holding Space). (Chariklo is an asteroid, discovered in 1997, she is the partner of Chiron, a Greek myth) [Read more ] [Chariklo as Nymphe article]