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Chariklo, Nymph and Centaur, womanhood and transformation
Chariklo MIdwife of New Times

Chariklo means ‘Spinning Grace’
Chariklo weaves and turns elegantly

Chariklo is an archetype of the light-bearing goddess; her name comes from the Greek word ‘chari’ meaning grace and ‘klo’ meaning spinning.
 Chariklo is said to weave grace into creation. She can deprogram our overloaded, fragile mind and return us to a state of embodied mysticism – the mystery of mind and matter. She weaves and turns elegantly

In transition times Chariklo creates an in-between space in which we can change.

Chariklo has a benevolent and graceful character. She has unique perceptual skills. As the daughter of Apollo, she knows the healing arts and knowledge of healing. Specific knowledge of harmonies and as a companion of Chiron, she can form a sacred temple, guarding and protecting us so that we can look within and heal ourselves. She initiates us to free and produce the exceptional abilities that we carry as uniquely humans.
                                                  Chariklo  provokes latent talent to explore

love story Chariklo and Chiron

Chariklo midwife of New Times

At a stage of life where diminishing abilities urge me to live with gratitude, Chariklo is inspiring me. She is an expert in transformation, she gracefully endures discomfort and remains in her refinement. She can carry her inner space (Holding Space). With her healing sounds she creates a harmonizing space with refined chords. She encourages me to develop latent talents, she generates clean language and images. (Chariklo is an asteroid, discovered in 1997, she is the partner of Chiron in Greek myth. Her orbit is 62/63 years)

Chariklo is holding space,
Chariklo protects this space as a safe shelter in which  I can transform and ensures holding space in the collective. Suddenly I realize the importance of endurance and reconciliation…

Tender so tender Chariklo- Suzan van der Voort

Keeping Safe and Sound

If I stay clean and clear, I create a space where the other can also be clean and clear.

Chariklo, reflections in space open me to the depth of human potential.

Chariklo as an Influencer of fineness

Chariklo knows the art of refining and bringing peace. She build a space where the fineness of each of us is invited to participate.

But what about the emotional and sexual healing with which women assist their husbands, partners, and friends and vice versa? Women are often the emotional caretakers of their partners and family – this pattern often starts very early in a girl’s life – ‘mama’s little helper’, ‘daddy’s little princess’ (I love you because you are sweet and pleasant).

         Chariklo poses the question of how we take care of others without harming ourselves.

Chariklo with her ability as Spinning Grace creates a space in which she values ​​herself and her well-being. So that she is well-being and can therefore also offer healing to her loved ones. Providing well-being starts with self-care.

I learn from Chariklo’s teachings: When I communicate in a refined and wholehearted way, in peace, the other person can also relax and respond. When I speak in a confrontational and judgmental way, the other gets on the defensive, and the engagement starts to polarize.

    The art of staying true to self-esteem under all circumstances. The clarity of marking the boundary. Being able to pronounce: ‘this is my limit’, is where well-being comes into question.
Speaking without disapproval, reprimand, or violence. Being able to pronounce without the other person losing his self-esteem value.

Clear and specific, keeping both sides in consideration and holding both sides in value.

Able to say NO, as a tool to create space to invite a better world in.

Freeing latent talents from their previous convicted position.

                              Latent Talents

Chariklo and Chiron are centaurs, scum, and exiles. They educate the children of the gods to turn what previously seemed to be a defect into a talent.

Teachings from Chariklo
What are my ‘uncomfortable injuries and disabilities’ where I fell short in the past and probably specifically those ‘pain points’ that enable me to develop talent from experience and compassion? Time to search the recesses of my consciousness and find my exiles? Get to know them again and who knows, those talents can now open other paths for me.

Chariklo wakes me up and makes me alert and aware. I immerse myself in her healing abilities, her fine-tuning, and her knowledge of the spaces between Saturn and Uranus. She teaches me to go beyond my limits

Renew outdated images of masculine and feminine

Chariklo Waterbeing -Suzan van der Voort sings an invitation song

Chariklo represents the principle of being a woman that we as women cannot heal the injured man. Not through judgment, criticism, rejection, and exposure. We can assist man through the love, understanding, compassion, and power of the woman that transcends duality.

Chariklo’s gift teaches us that we are free to receive man’s knowledge and to surrender to his ability to learn and at the same time we essentially recognize our womanhood – a symbiosis in which we can both grow and thrive.

Chariklo endures

I learn from Chariklo’s teachings :
Enduring the impossible, enduring the most painful demands that I don’t expect that I solve and save the situation
I don’t have to make it more positive, give it sweets…
It doesn’t ask me to rebuild the situation and now turn it on for the better.
It takes waiting, enduring, seeing compassion, and staying localized in the heart, in love and passion. Chariklo is a mistress of this ability.

Chariklo in Aquarius

Talent to include exiles or eccentrics. This can sharpen my thinking ability further than my habitual way. Also, Chariklo stimulates me to become familiar with worlds outside of my patterns. Chariklo encourages me to form societies, and clans together to provide a foundation forgive the voice of new ideals. Chariklo encourages the ability to have compassion for the world around me. It is now time to be able to look beyond the edges of my current social structure. Chiron (and Chariklo probably as well) work with the subtle resonances of neurological communication that enable not only neurological functions but also medical and healing qualities and specific technologies that contain subtle resonances. Chiron and probably Chariklo also prove to be significant and associated with new medical discoveries, inventions, and new technologies or healthcare conditions; and they are often prominently placed in the horoscopes of people who hold key positions in such discoveries and of those involved in the healing arts.

Chariklo wakes transition time

With Chariklo strong in a horoscope, we find people who often do ‘invisible’ work. They take care of those in transition … are born, give birth, deal with illness, or die.

Chariklo is a midwife. Literally, as with physical birth and death, or metaphorically when we ‘die’ of an old identity or way of life. She often witnesses the transformation.

Debris in the Kuiper belt tells us that there was once a 9th planet.

The asteroids and centaurs remind us of forgotten wounds and worlds.
Wounds bring wonder and stir our ability to heal. Now that we are aware of them, they come like fragments into our subconscious mind, reminding us of the promise to be complete.

Changing image and changing shape is a vulnerable period

Larva Nymphean leaves the water before the last molt, from larva to adult dragonfly. This is risky for the dragonfly because it takes hours to dry up and the animal must have dry wings and body before flying. Once they fly, adult dragonflies are difficult to outwit. Yet swallows, tree falcons, and bee-eaters succeed. Cannibalism also occurs among dragonflies. The longest-suffering is often caused by parasites, mites, and worms. The greatest threat comes from humans, who are attacking the dragonfly’s habitats.

Chariklo changing shape also means that she is entering a vulnerable period.

What do we need now that external structures are fading (external skeleton), we are softening vulnerable, before we have rebuilt external structures.

Chariklo is a Nymph, she teaches the art of transition. Living with  an external skeleton- DRAGONFLY EMERGENCE

The dragonfly’s final larval molt takes place out of water. For several days, the final-stage larvae live near the water margin. As they get ready for their final molt, they start breathing air. The larvae then climb up emergent vegetation where they redistribute their body fluids, as they push their thorax, head, legs and wings out of the larval skin. They rest for about 30 minutes allowing their legs to harden before the abdomen emerges from the larval skin (exoskeleton). This emergence process takes about three hours.


After emergence, the young dragonfly must then wait hours (sometimes days) for their wings to harden before taking its first flight. The newly emerged dragonfly’s first flight is weak and rather short, only a few meters. It will also take days for the dragonfly’s full coloration to become evident. As their bodies and wings harden, they begin hunting for food. In about a week, they acquire their adult coloration and sexual maturity. The life expectancy of adult dragonflies is generally no more than one to two weeks, however, some dragonflies can live six to eight weeks. This is probably why dragonflies do not waste any time getting to the mating game!

Thanks to the astrology founders who brought this background information together, so that I can understand what we can learn from Chariklo in these transformation times. 

Thanks to the Astronomers and Astrologers who include Indigenous Creation Gods and goddesses to name the asteroids so we become aware of what was before unseen and out of our consciousness. With their work, they open and name new opportunities for these times to develop

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