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The Last Bearer of the Female Family Chain
You never understood why you weren’t blessed with any children of your own, but there you are alone at the end of the maternal line. In reading The Ode to the Last of the female lineage you will find insight and encouragement for the exceptional position you find yourself in if you haven’t brought any children into the world. You will also come to realize, on your impulse, hangs the future, and you can be an innovator in society, free from your own interest or economic gain.


10 January 2024 The ancestors speak via the Mitochondrial DNA
14 February 2024 Secret love but not surreptitious
                       Geheimminnaarschap maar niet stiekem
10 April 2024  Ode to the last of the female lineage
12 June 2024 Matralia Roman Celebration day for daughters without children

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